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GoodMeasure yellow arrow Keep your cellular routers and communications equipment online with periodic resets
GoodMeasure yellow arrow No more unresponsive communication devices or manual resets in the field
GoodMeasure yellow arrow Includes 1 x GoodMeasure PowerHub, 1 x Passive PoE Splitter Cable (A0007)

Key Features

GoodMeasure yellow arrowEasy installation and configuration

GoodMeasure yellow arrowDIN rail mount

GoodMeasure yellow arrowCan be triggered by an external switch or controller

GoodMeasure yellow arrowPeriodic power cycle resets to ensure reliable operation of connected devices

GoodMeasure yellow arrowPasses Ethernet through to other access points (e.g. WiFi range extender)

GoodMeasure yellow arrowMaximum Primary Voltage: 5000Vac (Insulated Conductor)


GoodMeasure yellow arrowPowering cellular-to-WiFi routers (e.g. TP Link / Robustel) at remote or customer sites

 Note: When powering Robustel R2000 series cellular routers with the PowerHub, the barrel connection on the supplied Splitter cable will need to be removed and the wires stripped to suit the 12V dc terminals on the router. 

The GoodMeasure PowerHub is a resettable 12V DC power supply that is designed to power cellular, WiFi and other communication devices. The PowerHub is Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) compatible, providing power and passing an ethernet connection between a gateway device and an extender unit.

It prevents telecommunication equipment from locking up or becoming unresponsive by periodically resetting the power supply. The reset interval can be programmed via DIP switch settings or triggered by an external device such as the GoodMeasure Connector. The duration of the power reset can be set to 5 or 30 seconds.


GoodMeasure PowerHub - Resetting 12V Power Supply

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