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Modbus Energy Meters
M0019 Manual PDF

Smart. Powerful. Versatile.

GoodMeasure yellow arrowSuits a wide range of sub-metering and remote monitoring scenarios in low (LV) and high (HV) voltage distribution switchboards


Key Features

GoodMeasure yellow arrowTrue RMS metering

GoodMeasure yellow arrowPower quality analysis and demand calculation

GoodMeasure yellow arrowCE / KEMA / UL / CATIII certificate

GoodMeasure yellow arrowTime-of-use and phase sequence checking

GoodMeasure yellow arrowRS485 port and BACnet/Ethernet options

GoodMeasure yellow arrowSupports input from 1A CTs 

GoodMeasure yellow arrowCO2 (carbon dioxide) emission calculation for kWhs

GoodMeasure yellow arrow PMAC770-E-V4-F1-P1



The three-phase PMAC770 1A CT (M0019) measures a broad range of electrical parameters in low voltage (LV) to high (HV) voltage distribution/ automation systems. This highly configurable meter provides very accurate sub-metering and real-time measuring in commercial buildings, data centres and BMS. The blue back-lighted LCD screen displays true RMS measuring parameters like active energy (kWh), reactive energy (kvarh), U, I, P, Q, S, PF, F, active power (W), reactive power (var), apparent power (VA), voltage (V), current (A), power factor, demand and frequency. The meter can be read by GoodMeasure directly or 64MB memory and built-in web features allow real-time data inquiries and downloads of memory data by FTP.


The multifunction Power Meter enables 2 demand calculation modes, power quality analysis and TOU Multi-tariff billing. An RS485 communication port features built-in MODBUS-RTU and a BACnet MS/TP option. An optional Ethernet port provides fast communications for accurate and real-time data management. CO2 calculation for kWh turns the PMAC770 into sustainable and environment-friendly metering option that enables any business to contribute positively to the reduction of climate change.


Pilot PMAC770 - Three Phase Meter Panel Mount CT 1A

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