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Current Transformers
Key Features

GoodMeasure yellow arrowSmall, flexible 100mm internal diameter Rogowski Coil with pre-wired inline 333mV integrator

GoodMeasure yellow arrow Suits any CT Meter with 333mV input

GoodMeasure yellow arrow Characterized by high sensitivity, accuracy, linearity and minimum phase shift 

GoodMeasure yellow arrow Suitable for harsh operating environments (temperature, humidity and EMI)

GoodMeasure yellow arrow Accuracy >99%

GoodMeasure yellow arrow Coils sold separately (Qty 3 required for 3-phases)

GoodMeasure yellow arrowSimple installation around large, complex or hard-to-reach conductors



GoodMeasure yellow arrowIdeal for general metering purposes of any kind, particularly where access is difficult or restricted, where there are multiple conductors per phase or complex shapes to work around. 

GoodMeasure yellow arrow Ideal for fixed or temporary metering installations

  • Phase shift: <1° at 50/60Hz (<0.5° typical)
  • Linearity: ±0.2% from 10 to 100% of rated primary current
  • Primary conductor position sensitivity: ±2% (maximum)
  • Influence of external field: ±1.5% (maximum)
  • Coil working voltage: 1000Vrms or 1000V DC
  • Coil dielectric surge withstand: 5kVrms for 1 minute


Spark - Rogowski Coil 100mm 400A/333mV

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