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Modbus Energy Meters
M0011 Manual PDF

Smart. Certified. Flexible.

GoodMeasure yellow arrowApproved for use as a market or utility meter replacement in the NZ electricity market

GoodMeasure yellow arrowIdeal for secondary network metering applications in both single and three-phase networks


Key Features

GoodMeasure yellow arrow4-module wide DIN rail design and button navigation for ease of installation

GoodMeasure yellow arrowTwo pulse output meter

GoodMeasure yellow arrowMeasures and displays all important electrical parameters

GoodMeasure yellow arrowRS485 communication port for remote reading and monitoring

GoodMeasure yellow arrowTwo power-supply options for maximum flexibility



The SDM630-CT-MID (M0011) is approved for use as an NZ electricity market meter under the New Zealand Electricity Industry Participation Code (EIPC).


The SDM630-CT-MID features an LCD screen for perfect reading of a broad range of electrical parameters. For single-phase two wire (1p2w) , three-phase three wire (3p3w,) and three-phase four wire (3p4w) supplies: Active energy (kWh), reactive energy (kVarh), active power (W), reactive power (Var), apparent power (VA), voltage (V), current (A), power factor, demand and frequency.

Its high accuracy, remote communication and ease of installation makes the 1-5A CT Modbus meter the perfect meter for industrial environments with a higher power demand or increased usage, like shopping malls, office buildings, factories and infrastructure.

The multifunction DIN rail meter is ideal for both single and three-phase networks. It is reliable and durable and can be powered from an external AC or DC supply or directly from the monitored supply. Onscreen setup and button navigation simplifies the installation process.


Eastron SDM630MCT-MID - Three Phase Meter CT 1-5A MID

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