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Current Transformers

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GoodMeasure yellow arrow The 5 Amp Series of Split Core CTs is for use with any 5A CT Meter. 5A CTs are the historical and accepted standard for all general metering purposes. 333mV CTs are increasingly popular for their simple installation requirements.

Note: GoodMeasure recommends including a CT Terminal Block or similar approved CT shorting arrangement when installing 5A CTs, to allow for simple isolation of the CTs during installation and maintenance etc.

GoodMeasure yellow arrow CTs sold individually (Qty 3 required for 3-phase installations).


Key Features

GoodMeasure yellow arrowSquare size to suit larger or multiple conductors, bus-bars etc.

GoodMeasure yellow arrowSplit core design for ease of installation

GoodMeasure yellow arrowHigh secondary turns and secure locking hinge

GoodMeasure yellow arrowCE UL recognized, and RoHS compliant

GoodMeasure yellow arrowMaximum continuous primary current 5A - 1000 A AC

GoodMeasure yellow arrowFrequency Range: 50Hz to 400Hz

GoodMeasure yellow arrowMaximum Primary Voltage: 5000Vac (Insulated Conductor)


GoodMeasure yellow arrowSubmetering, remote monitoring

GoodMeasure yellow arrowRevenue applications

GoodMeasure yellow arrowLarger loads (>100A)

Spark - Split Core CT Rect 80mmx80mm 500A/5A

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