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Modbus Energy Meters
M0035 Manual PDF

Smart. Powerful. Versatile.

GoodMeasure yellow arrowSuits a wide range of sub-metering and remote monitoring scenarios on low (LV) voltage distribution switchboards


Key Features

GoodMeasure yellow arrow2 active status inputs

GoodMeasure yellow arrowDual Source kWh energy monitoring for both grid and generator

GoodMeasure yellow arrowUp to the 31st harmonic measurement, phase voltage and current harmonic content (2 to 31),THD

GoodMeasure yellow arrowRS485 communication port for remote reading and monitoring

GoodMeasure yellow arrowPhase sequence adjustment



This highly configurable, panel mounted meter is ideal for advanced sub-metering and real-time measurement in industrial or commercial applications. Monitored parameters include three-phase voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, frequency, active energy, reactive energy, and other combined electrical parameters.

Measured demand parameters include phase current demand, sub-phase active demand, total active demand, the maximum current demand, maximum total active demand, three phase reactive power, total reactive power, three phase apparent power and total apparent power demand.


Pilot SPM33 - Multifunction Three Phase Meter Panel Mount CT 5A

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